Privacy policy

Aman Sandhu boutique is wholeheartedly committed to protecting your privacy. Our Privacy Policy keeps in mind your options regarding the ways in which your personal data is used and completely explains our data processing practices. We protect your privacy that includes your contact information, as well as specific order information in simple ways:

  • Any information you give us stays with us. We will never rent, sell, lend, or otherwise distribute your personal information to anyone for any reason.
  • Access to your data is limited to those who need to know.
  • Your personal data is accessible within our organization and to only a limited number of employees with special access privileges.
  • Even the compiled general demographic information based on your order is shared within our organization only and has no identifiable personal data associated with it.

Your information is used in safe orientated ways. These are as follows-

1.Information Collected

    While placing your order on our site, you need to provide the following basic information to enable us a confirmed order-

    • Your First Name, Your Last Name, Your Address which includes City, Zip code, State, Country, and your Phone Number and Contact E-mail address.
    • Apart from this, our systems also gather certain details about your computer’s internet connection like your IP address when you visit our site. The IP address of a person does not contain any personal information and can’t identify you personally. This is only used to deliver our web pages to you upon request, to customize our site according to your interest, to keep a record of the number of visitors on our site, and to know the geographic locations of our visitors.

    We make sure that all this information of yours is never shown or given to any unauthorized person or organization be it other members, visitors, and anyone not in our organization.

    2.Information Modification

      If at any time while using our site you feel any error in your information, You can modify them by accessing the Edit Profile option anytime from our site.

      3.Information Sharing

        If you still have this question in your mind as to with whom do we share your information? The answer to this question is that we do not rent, sell, barter, or give away your information unnecessarily to anyone except the courier companies, credit card processing companies, vendors, etc. This also includes only some of the information and not all of it. This is given only to enable them to perform their functions related to your order fulfilment. In rare cases, this could also be used when needed to be shared with law authorities, for fraud detection, and for the safety of our site, employees, management, users, members and other affiliates associated with us.

        4.Information Usage

          The most used information is your email which is used to inform you that your order has been confirmed/executed. Your email is also important to inform you about customer service related queries and for any newsletters sent. All other information collected is kept confidential and is never disclosed unless needed as per the requirement of the law authorities or in case of any disputes.